Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

Want to get better at Live Sound? This will help…

Live sound. The dream. The thrill. The drama. The agony. The rush.

It’s all there. And when a great mix comes together at the last minute and the crowd goes wild… It’s hard to want to be anywhere else. Amazing.

It’s where I got started with audio and I always look back fondly at the time I spent behind a mixing board at the various venues in Iceland.

But live sound isn’t all awesomeness…

It can be a tough gig. But it’s a tough gig that’s super rewarding – IF you’re willing to invest in yourself and learn the truth about what makes a live mix sound great. (Hint: it’s not that brand new digital console or those massive stacks of speakers on the stage.)

I’ve taught thousands of home studio musicians and project studio producers how to record, mix, and master their music at Audio Issues, but my first love will always be live sound.

When I first started running live sound I had no idea how anything really worked. The blinking lights of the mixing board were intimidating, with knobs in a foreign language saying things like 2 kHz, auxiliary send, gain, and high-pass filter. In a word, overwhelming. But I learned by twisting knobs, pushing faders, and practicing my craft at every concert.

Through multiple trials by fire, I got the hang of it.

I understood how to EQ a drum kit. I learned to add effects to vocals.

And I quietly learned the tact of turning down the guitar players’ amps when they weren’t looking.

With more practice, my skills grew. The sound improved and bands would fill up the venue. From there I started doing live sound full-time, working for some of the biggest events in Iceland.

Since those live sound days, I went on to audio engineering school in Spain and eventually landed in Tucson, Arizona, where I’ve been teaching thousands of people around the world how to get great sound in their home studio recordings (you’re one of them!). But my experiences in live sound paved the way for all of that.

If you’ve been part of the Audio Issues community for very long, chances are that you’ve heard of James Wasem. He has been my trusted editor for years and I owe much of my success as an author to him.

I doubt I would’ve finished quite so many books without him. Not only is he a master writer and editor, but he’s also an expert on everything you need to know about live sound.

In fact, James has just completed his new book, Great Live Sound – a practical guide for every sound tech, and I’m thrilled to introduce it to you and honored to have written the foreword inside.

Great Live Sound is the companion I wish I’d had when I was a wide-eyed teenager looking down the barrel of a bunch of cables, blinking lights, and irritated artists. It would’ve saved me a lot of time and helped me avoid plenty of mistakes.

Great Live Sound will help you understand the audio jargon, bypass the mixing mistakes, and find success on the other side of the stage; as the invisible magician who elevates the music to the next level.

And guess what?

You are the first the hear about it. James has agreed to make the very first copies available to the Audio Issues community.

Great Live Sound just became available on Amazon and it’s packed full of great tips and information to help you learn how to get great-sounding mixes for your live gigs. You can get the paperback version of the book right here (it’s only $16.99).


If you would like to get the book (and a lot of other great bonuses) for FREE, then you should definitely check out the Live Sound Basics training course.

As part of an Audio Issues exclusive deal, you’ll get access to some great live sound training videos AND you’ll receive a free PDF copy of Great Live Sound. There are also a bunch of other great bonuses included in this course that you’ll want to check out.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Live Sound Basics – 2 Part Video Training ($200 Value)
  • Free: Great Live Sound Exclusive PDF eBook ($16.99)
  • Free: Live Sound Survival – Big Sounds Out of Small Systems eBook ($27 Value)
  • Free: Instant Feedback Killer Battle Plan eBook ($19 Value)
  • Free: The Sound Tech’s Guide to Soldering ($19 Value)
  • Free: Quick Solutions to Common Live Sound Problems Guide ($17 Value)
  • Free: Soundcheck Checklist ($9 Value)

If you were to buy all of these items separately, they would add up to over $300 and normally, this course retails for $97 without the Great Live Sound book!

However, for this week only, you can get the Live Sound Basics course, plus all these exclusive bonuses AND the brand-new Great Live Sound book for only…$67!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn what live sound was all about, but didn’t know where to start, this the perfect place to do that.

And if you’re ready to do what it takes to feel confident behind that live mixing console, now is the time to make it happen.

Enroll in the Live Sound Basics course, get the new Great Live Sound book for free (plus the exclusive bonuses and $30 discount), and start experiencing the great mixes you always knew you could make.

But hurry. The free book offer goes away at the end of this week. You can get all the details and signup here for Live Sound Basics. 

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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