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How To Get Bigger, Louder, and Better Mixes [Limited Time Offer]

It’s here!

Master Your Mixes – my brand new training on transforming your mixes into professionally mastered records is now open!

Here’s what one of my early students, Simon Rider from the U.K. had to say:

“The ‘Master Your Mixes’ course contains so much invaluable information and, perhaps more importantly, shows how you can produce release ready tracks with just the stock plugins in your DAW. My mixes have improved vastly in a short space of time, with not only loudness, but depth and clarity too”

The course is only open for the next three days so make sure you join today.

Click here to check out the details on how you can learn to master your mixes

What Do You Learn from Master Your Mixes?

Master Your Mixes is a four-module course on taking your mixes and mastering them up to professional quality standards, making them loud, punchy, and professional.

This is the stuff I had to pay $10,000 to learn in audio school. Not only that but then I spent about 10 years of my time (which I don’t even know how to calculate in dollars) to improve my mastering skills and my ear training. Now I’m really excited to share it all with you.

Module #1: Pre-Mastering

  • Why Master Your Mix? The answer to why you should (and when you shouldn’t) master your own mixes, whether you should master on your master fader while you’re mixing or master your bounced stereo mix separately.
  • What Exactly is Mastering? And how does it differ from mixing your recordings? Learn the thought process behind mastering your music and how different your mix should sound to a mastered mix.
  • How To Prepare Your Mix for Mastering. Learn exactly what you need to do to prepare your mix for mastering, whether you’re mastering your own songs or sending them to a mastering engineer.
  • My Secret Weapon for LOUD Mixes. My counterintuitive way to make your mixes louder by increasing your volume from the bottom up without cutting off the peaks. I learned this from Grammy-winning mix engineers and now I’m sharing it with you.

Module #2: The Mastering Tools You Need to Know

  • What Plug-ins are the Best? Learn all about the go-to mastering plug-ins you need and in what order you should use them to get great results with your music
  • Your Monitoring Environment. Learn how to set up your home studio so that you can hear the subtleties of master processing in order to get release-ready records.
  • The Metering Tools You Need. Learn about all the important metering tools you need to use during mastering that help you create a balanced record that’s just loud enough to compete with professional records.

Module #3: How To Master Your Mixes (Or Mastering With 3 Plug-ins)

  • How to Use Linear Phase EQ. Learn how to use linear phase EQ and how it differs from normal EQ. Learn the right frequency ranges to target, how to tame your low-end, and how to add fullness and brightness to your records. Discover how to use mid/side EQ to clean up your low-end, tighten up the center of your stereo spectrum, and widen the high frequencies for a clean and brilliant high-end.
  • How to Use Multi-Band Compression. Learn how to use multi-band compression during mastering to reduce muddiness and boom while leaving the high-end brilliance of your mix intact. You’ll learn exactly how to set your multi-band compressor’s threshold, ratio, attack, and release so that it glues your mix together while letting the music breathe.
  • How to Use Limiting. Learn about the often-misunderstood limiter and how you can use it to make your mixes LOUD, while still keeping your masters dynamic and punchy. We’ll go through what settings you should use to get your record ready and loud enough to compete alongside other songs on streaming platforms.

Module #4 – Mastering Walkthroughs

In the previous module, you’ll learn how I approach mastering an instrumental electronic song but this module also includes a tutorial on mastering a rock song.

You’ll also get mastering walkthroughs from a few select students, with music ranging from jazz and folk to indie rock so that you can see a broad selection of different genres.

At the end of this course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create loud and powerful records, no matter what genre you’re working in.

Four Free Bonuses

I am also including some awesome free bonuses that you’ll want to take a look at:

Bonus #1 – Live Mastering Q&A Call ($97 Value)

If you have any questions at all as you go through MYM you can submit your questions to be answered during a live Q&A call. Even if you can’t make the live call you can still submit your questions and watch the replay.

It’s my goal to clear up any questions, misconceptions or doubts you have about mastering so that you can confidently master your mixes up to professional standards.

Bonus #2 – Video Feedback on Your Mix ($47 Value)

Mix Feedback is usually only reserved for my Audio Issues Insiders members but for anyone who joins MYM this week will have the opportunity to get feedback on their songs to help them improve.

At the beginning of the course, you can submit your mix for Mix Feedback so that it’s as good as it can possibly be before you start mastering it.

I will collect all of your mixes and create one big Mix Feedback video where you not only get specific feedback with customized tips to improve your mix, but you will also learn other mixing tips from other people’s feedback.

Bonus #3 – How To Use Reference Tracks ($47 Value)

This training helps you understand how to use reference tracks to both improve your mixes and get them sounding as good as professional records.

If you want your mixes and masters to compete with the professional releases you hear on the radio, the easiest way to do that is to use those same commercial recordings to get your mixes as close as possible to their sound. This bonus will help you with that.

Bonus #4 – Step By Step Mix Translation Masterclass ($67 Value)

Making your mix translate to every speaker is one of the most important parts of confidently mixing quality records.

Knowing that your mixes will translate to speakers – big and small – gives you the confidence to know when your mixes are finished. In this masterclass, I walk you through my entire mix translation and finishing process so that you can gain the confidence to know when your mix is finished.

All in all, the value included in Master Your Mixes should cost over $500 but you can get it for 80% less when you join this week.

Click here to enroll in Master Your Mixes.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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