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How To Make Your Mix Sound Like a Record Instead of a Louder Demo

Ian Shepherd’s Perception mastering plug-in is real helpful when it comes to pseudo-mastering engineer like myself.

If you’re anything like me you probably consider mastering to be a bit of voodoo magic. You might be a little scared about doing something wrong, like squashing your mixes or making your songs too loud!

That’s why it’s nice to have Ian Shepherd looking over your shoulder telling you whether your mastering chain is actually making your song sounds better.

Instead of just louder!

I like this plug-in so much I got up at 5:30 am to start making this video!

It’s actually I made you a quick video so you can see how it can help you out with both your mastering and mixing.

The mastering effect is very subtle, which I’m weirdly proud of.

But you should notice a difference as when I click bypass I really feel the song goes from “demo mix” to “sounding like a record”

Things that you should notice:

  • Vocals fit better with the instruments
  • Warmer low-end
  • Wider stereo image

Some plug-ins create a considerable jump in “perceived quality” which is just a fancy name for “louder” but with Perception all you need is one button to hear the difference.

To grab your copy through my affiliate link go to to get your universal translator for mastering.

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