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“It’s the sort of thing that you don’t’ realize how good it is until you’ve got it.”

Can you guess what these people are talking about?

“It’s the sort of thing that you don’t’ realize how good it is until you’ve got it.”

“It’s a very simple plug-in, but a very powerful one. And extremely useful.”

“I’ve been super excited about it, and I just had to tell you”

“So that’s really, really amazing. Whoah! That’s cool. Maybe it isn’t that difficult to understand because it is doing exactly what I was expecting it to do. It’s a whole different way of looking at the dynamics of your track and analyzing the dynamics of your track”

“And making sure your music isn’t over-limited.”

And my favorite….”it’s probably magic.”

If you guessed, the metering tools from Meterplugs, like Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter and Perception, you’d be right.

The Meterplugs sale ends tomorrow so make sure you grab their plug-ins using the coupon code BLACKFRI18 to get 30% off before it goes away.

If you don’t believe the quotes above, here are all these guys on camera:

Let’s put it this way…if you had to decide between:

  1. A 50 percent chance that your mixes and masters are dynamic and punchy, by relying on your ears alone.
  2. Or a sure-fire, 100% guarantee that every mix you churn out is competitive and as loud as you can make it without any of the streaming services turning your songs down.

Which would you prefer? I think the answer is clear.

Check out Dynameter and Perception right here.


Remember the coupon code BLACKFRI18 to get 30% off!

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