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Want to Make Better Masters 100% in the Box?

Hey everyone,

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I don’t know about you but I do all my mastering in the box. All inside my computer, with only plug-ins.

I’m sure you’re the same way?

Well…ok, maybe not all of you. Some of you might be holding out until analog becomes the standard again?

Who knows, it happened to vinyl so it might happen to your outboard gear too!

Me? I’m not holding out. I’m mastering In. The. Box.

If you’ve been trying to get your masters to sound better, using the plug-ins you already have then you’re probably interested in the latest mastering tutorial from The Pro Audio Files.

It’s called Mastering in the Box (natch!) and is taught by Los Angeles musician and engineer Ian Vargo.

The course includes:

Thirteen topic-specific workshops and eight walkthroughs in various genres, plus all the song files so you can practice alongside.

Whether you’re an aspiring mastering engineer or a producer/mixer looking to add that extra spice/competitiveness/love to your music, this course shows you how to get it there and drastically elevate the quality of your work.

Bonus Discount and Special Tutorial

If you use the code ‘audioissues’ you’ll get 25% off the entire training.

Not only that, but if you buy before Friday  through my link below I’ll also send you my Quick Mixing and Mastering package mastering style I teach musicians inside Quick Mixing to the more advanced mastering style Ian Vargo teaches you.

Just click this link to grab your mastering tutorial.

Remember t use the code ‘audioissues’ to get 25% off and then send you your Quick Mixing and Mastering package for free!



Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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