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Which Plug-in is the Best for Mastering?

I made you a quick sneak peek video of one of the videos in my upcoming Master Your Mixes course you’ll find helpful if you’re confused what plug-ins you need for mastering:

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Which plug-ins are the best?

You’re asking the wrong question…

This is the question you should ask yourself:

What do I have that I can use to make my music sound the best?

The best [Insert Plug-in here] is the one you have (or can to spend money on).

A better question to ask is:

What Plug-ins Do I Need?

If you only have stock plug-ins to work with, then that’s where you’ll have to start – and that’s FINE!

If you have money to spend on fancy premium plug-ins then all the power to you. Go nuts buying the latest and greatest, but just remember that it’s not the plug-ins that make your mixes sound like mastered records, it’s the way you use them.

And for that, you need the knowledge you’ll gain in this course.

However, you will still need certain processors (plug-ins) in order to master your mixes, but it’s likely that you already have them inside your DAW.

If you’re familiar with my Mixing With 5 Plug-ins course, you’ll know that I make sure you understand how the most important processors work so that you can get great results fast.

In this case, I could almost get away with calling this course Mastering With 3 Plug-ins because the most important plug-ins you will need are:

  1. Linear-Phase EQ
  2. Multi-Band Compression
  3. Limiting

Other common tools include:

  • Saturation
  • Stereo Widening

and along with the necessary metering tools you should be able to find inside any modern DAW, you’re good to start mastering your mixes, even if you don’t have the latest and greatest gear on the market.

Hope that helps.

Have a great weekend,


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