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Don’t Even Plug In a Microphone Before You Finish This Process

If you’re a musician who works on your own songs or helps other bands in the studio, then you’re gonna like today’s message.

If you’re worried your songs aren’t good enough and you want to make sure you’re confident in knowing that your songs are the best they can be, you have to make sure you don’t gloss over the pre-production process.

It’s crazy how many home studio musicians and producers gloss over the very start of the production process, just because they’re so excited to start recording and mixing.

But ignoring this fundamental part of the process can make your production fall apart faster than First Little Pig’s straw house.

That’s why I teamed up with music producer extraordinaire, Lij Shaw, from Recording Studio Rockstars this week to give you a new perspective into the pre-production process.

If you don’t know Lij, he’s a chart breaking, award-winning, music producer who’s been making records for over 25 years. The Pre Production Workshop was recorded at his Grammy award-winning studio, The Toy Box Studio, in East Nashville TN. He has recorded nationally renowned, Grammy Award-winning performers such as John Oates, Jack White, Wilco, Adele, and the Zac Brown Band.

Last year, we recorded a 1 hour and 40-minute workshop all about pre-production.

We discuss:

  • How to make songs the best they can be before you start recording.
  • The importance of songs structure, arrangement, and feel.
  • How to strengthen your lyrics and melody for songs your listeners will love.
  • Techniques for finding the ideal tempo and keys for the singer.
  • How to write song charts to give you the perfect road map for your productions.

The attendees thought it was super helpful, and today’s we’re bringing back the edited video of the workshop for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own studios.

Music Production Strategies for FREE ($97 Value)

Not only that, but this week only, I’m including my popular Music Production Strategies course for anybody who enrolls in the workshop.

Music Production Strategies is a music analysis course that analyzes popular songs throughout history (From the 1970’s to today) to give you the secrets you need to improve your own productions.

Here’s what you get for free if you enroll in the Pre-Production Workshop today:

  • 12 In-Depth Music Analysis Reports – Each song comes complete with an in-depth report that gives you a detailed breakdown of each section of the song and production tips related to each part. Each report discusses the song structure, arrangement of instruments and the value the audio production and sound choices bring to the song. This knowledge will help you see your songs in a different light, helping you take them from good to great.
  • 5 Highlight Videos – Each module comes with a “Song Highlights” video that talks about all the most important parts and fun stories to keep in mind for your own productions. You’ll know exactly what the most important parts of each song are, helping you strengthen your own songwriting, production, and arrangements.
  • 12 Arrangement Graphics and Action Steps – Each song also comes with a detailed breakdown of the arrangement, allowing you to visually follow along with the instruments as you’re listening. You’ll also get Action Steps to help you analyze your own productions and songwriting as well as any other song you would like to analyze by yourself.

Not only that, but Music Production Strategies comes with a few extra bonus goodies as well:

  • Bonus #1 – Your Music Production Cheatsheet – Teaching you how to analyze any song to figure out what makes it so good, giving you a way to legally steal what makes your favorite hits so good and use it on your own songs.
  • Bonus #2 – Music Production Checklist – The 30 things to think about at every stage of the process while you’re producing your own songs.
  • Bonus #3 – The Self-Production Video Series – A crash course in producing yourself and how to make sure your song is as good as it can be, even if you don’t have anybody to give you feedback.

This course is normally $97, but for this week only, you can get it for absolutely free when you join the Pre Production Workshop with me and Lij Shaw.

Check it out here and start making better songs at the source, before you even start recording.

Free Cheatsheet Reveals: How To Make Your Mixes Sound Amazing Like Your Favorite Records, Without Buying Expensive Gear or More Plug-ins...

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