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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Virtual Drum Samples

If you’re using virtual drummers and sampled beats you might be mistaken in thinking that you don’t need to do any mixing to the tracks because they sound so good out of the box.

Although that’s often the case, you can still add quite a bit of power to really make them stand out. It’s not that they necessarily need as much fixing as home recordings, especially in the case of professionally recorded drum samples. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the tools you have to add even more power and excitement to your drums mix.

Here are four things to try if you want an even more powerful and professional feel from your virtual drums:

  1. Adding parallel compression to even the coolest sounding samples will add impact and power to your drum mix.
  2. Adding a snare-stretch reverb will give the sampled snare a pocket of space in the mix, something that the sample most definitely won’t include from the start.
  3. Adding compression to an assortment of different drum samples will make the samples sound more like a cohesive beat instead of a random selection of hits.
  4. And adding a master reverb to all your samples and hits will glue your beat together even further, making it stand out as the powerful element of the mix it needs to be.

And don’t forget, you’ll still need to use EQ if you’re working with other instruments that clash with the drums. Those sampled drums don’t know what kind of bass track you’re laying down so you’ll inevitably have to use EQ to create frequency pockets for the kick and bass to live in.

Learn it All From the Drum Mix Toolkit

These are the kind of mixing tricks I help you with inside the Drum Mix Toolkit.

  • Need more information on parallel compression? There’s a whole video walkthrough that includes how to use parallel compression.
  • Need to add specific space to the snare sample or the drums in general? I show you how to do that.
  • Need to know the difference between multi-band compression and full-band compression when you’re compressing your drums? There’s a whole video on that.

And because I know how difficult getting the bass guitar and kick drum to work together in a mix, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve included a quick video with my most important tips to use when you need to keep the kick and bass from clashing and want them grooving in the mix.

So if you’ve been dissatisfied with the drum samples you’ve been using and unsure about what to do next to make them sound the way you want them to, or if you’ve had enough of the thin home recorded drums in your small room sounding wimpy and weak, the Drum Mix Toolkit is guaranteed to help you out.

Check it out here:

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