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Are you using the right tool for the job?

You can have the best, most top-of-the-line, highest-rated tool in the world.

But if it’s the wrong tool for the job, it’s about as worthless as a pebble you kick down the street.

When you’re cooking and your dish needs a bit of something to make it pop, many beginners reach for the salt. If it tastes bland, then surely salt will help?

Unfortunately, you might end up with an overly salty and inedible dish because you used the wrong tool for the job.

Salt only goes so far. The other great equalizer to balance a meal is an acid like a lemon.

Squeeze a bit of lemon over a dish and all of a sudden the flavors open up like a flower in bloom.

It’s true when you’re mixing. Once you’ve balanced your mix and something isn’t sitting right, you might be inclined to reach for the EQ to create that balance.

But often, a mix may be sitting fine in the frequency spectrum. It’s the dynamics of the tracks that are a problem.

And an EQ will never fix a dynamics problem that a compressor was designed to solve.

So before you reach for the wrong tool out of habit, think about what kind of problem you’re trying to solve. And then use the right tool for the job.

Compression is a giant chapter in Step By Step Mixing and it teaches you how to hear and use your compressors to create punchy and tight mixes.

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