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Better than Jesus? Maybe not, but definitely better than The Beatles…

For a two-year-old, Step By Step Mixing has taken down some heavy hitters in the industry.

Like Bobby Owsinski’s Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, which we pushed down to fourth place sometime last year.

Or Mike Senior’s Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio, a personal favorite mixing book of mine. We jostle around the top spot very regularly.

Step By Step Mixing #1 Amazon Best-Seller

Step By Step Mixing has even outranked the legendary recording engineer of The Beatles, Mr. Geoff Emerick!

That’s my book! You show ’em sweetheart!

Let me be clear on one thing though, I’m not saying Step By Step Mixing is better than any of these books. In fact, I own them all and I would recommend you read those books as well.

That’s what’s so beautiful about books. The more books you read and learn from, the better the grasp you have on a particular subject.

If you’re trying to learn something, you shouldn’t think that you need to read this book or that book.

It’s not a zero-sum game where you can only pick one or the other.

No, you should read this book AND that book.

Read as much as you can. It’s how you get smarter.

And if you want to get smarter at mixing, make sure you grab my Step By Step Mixing Birthday special before Sunday.

If you do, you’ll get my special Parallel Processing Masterclass for free.

That’s a $19 bonus you can normally only get inside my $99 Mixing With 5 Plug-ins membership community.

But today? Only $9 with Step By Step Mixing.

That’s only a couple of cups of coffee. And it’s also less than any of those other mixing books on Amazon.

And they don’t include a 40-Minute Mix Quickstart Video and Parallel Processing Masterclass.

You can only get that inside Step By Step Mixing.

Grab it here:

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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