Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

Four Mixing Courses in One That’ll Teach You Everything You Need to Level Up Your Mixes

If you’re wondering what you’ll learn from the mix walkthroughs inside Audio Issues Insiders, here’s a sneak peek:

Currently, we have three different genres available, with new multi-tracks, mix walkthroughs and masterclasses added every month.

Here’s what I cover in the three mix walkthrough videos:

Alt Rock – The Primary – 100 Miles an Hour

  • How to create a driving drum sound that cuts through the mix
  • How to reduce the sustain of a drum with a transient designer to remove woofiness
  • How to EQ and compress a big beefy snare
  • How I use analog emulation and saturation throughout a mix
  • How to use parallel saturation and EQ on bass to make it cut through without overloading the low-mids
  • How to use amp simulators on vocals to create distant call and response effects
  • How to use automatic double tracking on guitars to make the last chorus hit the hardest
  • My quick and dirty two-plug-in mastering chain

Folk – Rachel Nisbet – Orlando

  • Using a client reference mix to get a good starting balance
  • Why subtlety in processing is fine when your recordings sound stellar
  • Why the MV2 is my go-to snare compressor
  • How to use reverb to make big and spacious mixes that don’t sound washed out
  • How to use multiple small mid-frequency boosts to help the bass cut through
  • My go-to “vocal cut-through” trick I use on almost every mix
  • How to use artificial harmonics with an exciter to add brightness and presence
  • How to use diffuse stereo delays with spacious reverbs
  • Three ways to tame harshness in the vocals

Vintage Pop – Ed Charles – Oh Please!

  • Why giving yourself limitations can make for a fun mixing experience
  • Why using a channel strip plug-in can help you avoid mixing with your eyes…
  • How to create a Paul McCartney style present bass sound that cuts through on small speakers
  • How to mix backup vocals that sound like they’re blooming in the background
  • An Abbey Road reverb mixing trick that doesn’t always work if you’re not careful with your EQ
  • How the microphone placement on an amp simulator can drastically change your guitar sound
  • How I use frequency analyzers, dynamic range meters and loudness tools to check streaming levels

Plus: The Mix Finisher Formula – Your 6-part course to making your mixes sound great on every speaker system so you can be confident to play it everywhere.

  • Part 1 – How to Make a Mixing Template that Helps You Mix Faster
  • Part 2 – How to Prep Your Session and Start Your Mix Efficiently
  • Part 3 – The Three Ways of Approaching Your Mix With Confidence
  • Part 4 – Step By Step Mix Finishing Formula to Make Your Mixes Translate
  • Part 5 – Inside a Real-World Mix Translation Session
  • Part 6 – Three Ways of Using Reference Tracks to Improve Your Mixes

When you join Audio Issues Insiders, you’re basically getting four mixing courses for the price of one…and that’s not even including all the other stuff that’s included.

Audio Issues Insiders closes this Friday so if you’re interested in leveling up your mixing skills, getting feedback on your own mixes, and maybe even learning how to promote your music a little bit better, Audio Issues Insiders is the place for you.

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There are a lot of resources out there that help you mix music. There are free Youtube videos of course, and there are courses that cost hundreds of dollars to join.

But none of them offer the community aspect of getting feedback on your mixes so that you can actively improve instead of wondering whether your mixes are good enough. And no place combines that feedback with the mixing knowledge and online promotion expertise you need for your music to be successful.

So if you’d like the “inside scoop” on creating pro, ready-for-streaming music that you can be proud of, join Audio Issues Insiders right now.

Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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