Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
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Free Step By Step Mixing Hip Hop Series

If you mix hip-hop and rap music you’re in for a fun treat today.

There have been a lot of new subscribers lately who work in the hip-hop genre so I thought I’d make something special for them.

Even if you don’t explicitly work in this genre, but still use beats, 808s, and software synths in your mixes, you’re going to get a lot out of this.

It’s a brand-new step by step mixing hip-hop series where you can follow along as I mix a song from scratch.

In the first video we talk about:

  • Breaking down and simplifying the mix into its production elements
  • General rough balancing using the 1 dB rule
  • Adding mix bus processing to get a good rough mix immediately

The song I’m working on is called “Get It” by Anthony Barber and be forewarned: the hook really sticks in your head. 

Also….I got some new duds…check it!

There’s much more to come as this is just the first of ten videos in this free hip-hop mixing course so make sure you subscribe to the Youtube channel to be notified whenever there’s a new episode.

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Click this link to learn the mixing techniques that thousands of other musicians and producers have already used to instantly improve their mixes.

Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
What email should we send your cheatsheet to?

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