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Get the Step By Step Mixing System 1,000 and Learn to Create Great Mixes With Only 5 Plug-ins

I’m proud to introduce the first animated cartoon from Audio Issues, talking about the mythical Step By Step Mixing System 1,000:

Of course, the Step By Step Mixing System blender only exists in the video, but I can offer you something even better, the best-selling mixing book, Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins.

Here’s what a few of the latest reviews have said:

Grab your copy of Step By Step Mixing right here.


Special thanks to Pennington Creative for breathing animated life into my vision, and thanks to Frank Powers for the amazing and hilarious voice over!


Here’s the script we worked from:

“Are you tired of your mixes sounding muddy and boomy… Harsh and thin? Do your drums sound weak and cluttered in the low-end? Or are your guitars harsh and piercing and always getting in the way of the vocals?”


“The Step By Step Mixing System helps you create a balanced mix in NO TIME! The EQ setting creates separation between your instruments. Compression knobs add punch and tightness while retaining your song’s dynamics. Reverb and delay switches create depth and imaging AND for that extra flavor saturation sliders take your mix to the next level, adding smoothness and warmth to all of your new mixes”


“If you order TODAY you also get the Translation Blade 1,000,000™ Patent pending, trademarked, copyright, all rights reserved I called it.

It’ll help make your mix sound flawless on EVERY speaker without you needing to buy any new plug-ins OR new gear!”

“You don’t need to drown in debt to learn mixing from a fancy audio school. All you need to do is put your instruments into the Step By Step Mixing system and it’ll do the mixing for you!”


“The five processors of the Step By Step Mixing system are the ONLY ones you need. EQ, compression, reverb, delay and saturation will give you a polished and professional mix without the headaches of buying every new plug-in released each day.”

“Best of all, it works in EVERY genre. Whether you’re adding metal ingredients from your dark warehouse, the flowery folk from your hipster garden, or crushing up your brand new blend of ultra addictive MDMA, the Step By Step Mixing System slices, dices, slaps, and chops anything you put in it! It blends everything together with perfection making your mixes stand out and jump from the speakers!”

“There you have it, folks! Get the Step By Step Mixing System for a ridiculously low low price and learn to create great mixes using only these 5 plug-ins! We’ll even PAY FOR THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!

If you want to get amazing mix results from ANY DAW using only EQ, compression, reverb, delay and saturation then head on over to and get your copy today!”

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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