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My daughter is two weeks old today and I’m getting intimately familiar with the intricacies of the term “bleary-eyed.”

So instead of writing a long email today about all the valuable training inside Mix Finisher Formula, I thought I’d just pull out a couple of videos to show you first hand how the course feels like.

Click here to enjoy a sample of my mix training from a time when I was well-rested and chipper.

These two videos are pulled from two different modules:

  1. The Mix Template Formula, where I show you exactly how to create an effective mixing template to get better mixes in less time.
  2. And a brand-new update for the Mix Finisher Philosophy module, all about simplifying and gain-staging a session that has over 100 tracks!

These are just two of the 60+ videos you will find in the course.

And the cool thing about MFF is that every time I come across something in my sessions that I think can be useful to my students, I update Mix Finisher Formula so that they can learn all about it.

So you’re not just enrolling in a static course, but you’ll also get all future updates for free.

I structured Mix Finisher Formula so that you wouldn’t need a lot of time every day to make significant improvements in your mixing skills.

Instead of long, hour-long lessons, I’ve broken each module down into multiple shorter videos so you can easily consume a little bit at a time, whenever you have time to spare.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 50 minutes, or 5 hours you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know in order to make your mixes radio-ready and professional.

And once you join you will also have lifetime access so you can take the course whenever you have time.

Remember that Mix Finisher Formula closes on Friday so if you want to finally learn my proven methods for mixing professional-sounding mixes so you can proudly release your songs, now is your chance.

Check out the free videos from the course here, and if you want more, click the links on that page to enroll before the course closes on Friday.


Björgvin “Bleary-Eyed” Benediktsson


I adjusted the payment plan today so that it would be easier for those that wanted to take advantage of the monthly installments. I hope that helps!

Free Cheatsheet Reveals: How To Make Your Mixes Sound Amazing Like Your Favorite Records, Without Buying Expensive Gear or More Plug-ins...

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