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How to Get Rid of Annoying Resonances in Your Snare Sound

A REALLY common problem when you’re mixing drums is trying to get rid of the annoying resonances and ringing sounds in your snare drum.

Sometimes there’s just a frequency that’s so overbearing that it destroys the rest of the drum sound.

If that’s ever happened to you let me show you how I fix it. All it takes is a simple EQ, knowing how to pinpoint frequencies and some understanding of how frequency harmonics work.

Watch the video below.

If you like what you see in that video, there are a lot more to use, practical tricks to make your drum mix sound awesome.

  • How to Make an Exciting Drum Mix in 9 Simple Steps
  • How to Choose Between the Thickness of the Full-Band and Versatility of the Multi-Band Compressor
  • How to Easily Shape Your Drums With Transient Designers
  • The Importance of the Attack and Release on Your Compressor
  • Easy Overhead EQ for Low-End Thickness or Cymbal Clarity
  • How to Get a Thunderous Tom Sound
  • How to Replace Weak Drums Without Deleting the Human Feel
  • How to Get the Kick and Bass Guitar to Groove Together in the Mix

Plus, a complete mix walkthrough using every technique in the book. In a little over an hour, I show you exactly how to transform your home recorded drums into a powerful and punchy drum mix.

Here’s what the transformation sounds like:

This is just one way to mix drums, but it’s my goal to teach you all the techniques I use so you can get the exact drum sound you hear in your head.

Knowing how all the tools work will help you create a killer drum sound regardless of style or genre.

If you want all those videos, plus the eBook (in addition to 4 exclusive bonuses) then grab your copy of the Drum Mix Toolkit.

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