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How To Master Your Mixes Punchy and Loud

Today we’re on part two of our mastering session and the final part in our free 10-part step-by-step mixing hip hop series.

I’m stretching the definition of “mastering” pretty thin here because I’m honestly just finalizing the mix on the master bus with master bus processing, and fixing any mix issues as I’m mastering.

This is NON-traditional and I’ll probably get a bunch of flak from old guard curmudgeons who believe you should always bounce out a mix and then master it separately.

There’s definitely a time and place for that, ESPECIALLY if you’re using a separate mastering engineer. But if you’re regularly releasing singles and doing all the production yourself, it’s simply easier to have instant access to the mix in the same session as you’re finalizing your record with mastering plug-ins.

And since I’m first and foremost a teacher, doing it this way is hopefully more educational to you as you work on your own mixes and productions.

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Free Cheatsheet Reveals: How To Make Your Mixes Sound Amazing Like Your Favorite Records, Without Buying Expensive Gear or More Plug-ins...

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