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How To Use EQ to Reduce Annoying Resonances from a Snare

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João Bem chimed in with a problem he had with his snare:

Hi! Can somebody give me an help? I use mt power drum kit, but I’m struggling with the snare :/ because there is an annoying frequency ringing, that I don’t find which one is :/ I’m thinking in using tdr nova nova eq as a Desser. But my problem is: which frequency is it? Any guide tips would be welcome. Thank you very much, i really appreciate.

Multiple people came to his rescue and gave him some great tips.

Dean Olerich said:

Is it noticeable in the mix ? Or just in solo ? I would try using EQ . Set a small Q and sweep around till you find that frequency and turn it down. Hope that helps.

This is my go-to method when I’m trying to EQ out annoying frequency problems so I wholeheartedly agree with Dean’s simple and practical tip.

Garrett Myers went one step further and elaborated on the technique.

Whatever EQ you use, create a massive boost, like 12db, but make sure it’s a very narrow boost. Then, sweep the frequency of that boost until you find the offending frequency. When you find it, turn the boost down into a 2-3db cut. Or 1db, or 7db, or whatever sounds right to you. Trust your ears; they’ll lead you exactly where you want to be! Good luck!!

So if you have similar issues with your drums, or any other instrument for that matter then follow the tips the guys inside the community gave João. Solid and simple tips that help you fix a problem and get on with the rest of the mix.

That’s what I’ve always been about with Audio Issues so I’m glad the community is sharing their own practical audio tips.

Join the community and ask questions if you have any small problems you need solved.

Watch Me Ring Out a Snare

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