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My Invaluable Plug-in for Aggressively Loud But Dynamic Mixes

It’s the best feeling.

You send the band their final mixes, mastered together in a nice playlist that plays seamlessly from one song to the next.

Even though we did the songs throughout the course of the year, they all sounded nicely balanced from one to the other.

And man do they sound aggressive!

The combination of Fuck-the-System punk anger fused with QOTSA style stoner rock and hook-laden skater-punk-hooks made the production process a truly enjoyable time.

And the band loved it!

But I couldn’t have created such an aggressive record, that’s both loud and punchy yet dynamic and big, without one particular plug-in.

Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter. 

When you’re mixing aggressive rock and punk music, you tend to want to make things louder and louder. That often ends in some heavy over-compression if you’re not careful.

Luckily, with the Dynameter how much compression and limiting I can do to my mix before it becomes too much.

It’s truly one of the most valuable plug-ins I own. And even though it doesn’t technically do anything, it says so much!

Best of all, it’s on sale this week so if you want to know exactly how much compression you can add to your mixes before it’s too much, grab the Dynameter here.


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