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It’s a great day for home studios #Grammys

Yesterday was a huge win for small home recording studios as Billie Eilish took home four Grammys and Finneas got an extra one for Producer of the Year.

So if you were afraid that you needed expensive equipment and a high-end studio to make professional hit records, you can safely throw those thoughts out the window.

It’s been my mission to help home studio musicians make awesome-sounding records from their home studios for over TEN YEARS NOW, so seeing Billie and Finneas talk about their bedroom recordings with Grammys in their hands was pretty powerful for me.

I want to help you feel confident in your mixes so you can proudly release your records, and one way I’m doing that these days is answering your questions at the Audio Issues Happy Hour.

The replay from last week is up and you can watch it here.

This Thursday I’ll be cracking open a new craft-beer, answering any audio questions you may have, as well as recommending some important books you don’t want to miss.

If you want your question answered, hit reply right now and let me know what’s on your mind. 

Then mark your calendars, grab a drink and join me this Thursday, January 30th at 4:30 MST (3:30 PST and 6:30 EST) for another edition of Audio Issues Happy Hour.

See you then!



I’ve helped thousands of musicians make better mixes from their home studios in the last ten years. Jason Andropolis is a recent student of mine who got a copy of Step By Step Mixing and learned the benefits of the 5 Plug-ins mixing system.

“Step by step mixing has completely changed the way I mix. I can vouch for how effective it is. I was doing so much incorrectly it’s no wonder I could never get my mixes to translate.”

If you want to crank out killer mixes from your home studio, without buying expensive gear or more plug-ins, Step By Step Mixing is where you get started.

Looking forward to helping you out,


Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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