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Middle-Out Mixing: Using EQ on Subgroups to Speed Up Your Mixing

Yesterday we talked about how we start the mixing approach from the master bus after we’ve achieved a static mix.

If you missed the post and the video you can read about it here and watch the video here.

Today I want to talk about how you tackle the subgroups, which is something I like to call Middle Out Mixing

Middle Out Mixing

Middle-out mixing is when you start using plug-ins on the subgroups instead of the individual tracks or the master fader.

(I don’t know if this is an actual term or not but it’s what I call it.)

I tend to do a combination of middle-out and

Sometimes I just put a compressor on the master fader and then start focusing on the subgroups. Once the subgroups are sounding good but there is an overall frequency issue in the entire mix, I like to try fixing it with a master EQ instead of drilling down into the individual tracks themselves.

On the subgroups I use a combination of things:

  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Saturation or analog summing

Some of my favorite plug-ins for analog summing or saturation these days are the NLS Channel and Vitamin, both from Waves.(affiliate link).

Once I tweak I’ll turn to the individual tracks if necessary.

Usually the individual tracks can benefit from slight EQ tweaks, especially if you’re trying to separate things in the mix, like two similar-sounding electric guitars for instance. Other times you need to add compression to reel things in, or make them hit harder. The kick and snare come to mind.

I created a video to show you how to speed up your EQ’ing using the middle-out mixing method. If you follow along you’ll see how easy it is to make minor adjustments that make a huge difference.

Check it out below:


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