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Mixing With 5 Plug-ins – 50% Off For Black Friday

This week is Thanksgiving week in the United States.

What that really means is that everything is on sale!

Including my flagship course, Mixing With 5 Plug-ins.

I’m opening it up again this week to new member, and to give you an added bonus I’m discounting the price 50% for Black Friday!

I’ve never discounted Mixing With 5 Plug-ins like this before so now’s your chance to become a lifetime member at a hugely reduced price.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • EQ’ing a dense vocal track so that the backup vocals don’t overpower the lead vocals
  • Proper rebalancing after EQ’ing to keep each instrument in its place
  • Keeping the mid-range in check so you don’t get boxy kick drums, honky guitars, muddy bass or nasally vocals. Take the guesswork out of EQ and follow along as I tell you exactly why I’m cutting and boosting each instrument.
  • Using presets to speed up your mixing (while still tweaking them for the best results)
  • Using serial compression when you need two different compressors to tackle different aspects of the vocal
  • Using different compressor styles for different sounds and character
  • Using sends to place your instruments in the mix according to how much impact you want them to have
  • Separating acoustic and electric guitars with different reverbs based on what they’re playing
  • Using modulated stereo delays to add depth to keyboards
  • Placing backup vocals behind the lead using reverb and delay
  • The incredibly important aspect of how and why to EQ your reverbs for a cleaner mix
  • Using tape saturation to make your mixes smoother
  • Adding tape emulation on acoustic guitars to bring them out in the mix
  • Using saturation for dirty up your keyboard patch to make it more interesting
  • Using multiple saturation plug-ins to find which one makes your tracks sound the best
  • Taking muddiness out of vocals with shelving EQ
  • Eliminating honkiness from an electric keyboard and making it sound smoother in the context of the mix
  • Making the mix sound exciting without excessive tweaks.
  • Facing the fear of perfection and deciding when to call it a day
  • PLUS: An exclusive Facebook community where we share our results every week.
  • PLUS: 6 new multi-tracks with orchestras, trumpets, pianos and more backup vocals than you know what to do with
  • PLUS: A brand new QUICKSTART video using only 5 plug-ins to get a great mix
  • PLUS: Custom Mix Critiques for every new member

Check it out here:

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