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Mortal Kombat Olympics 2018

I played a practical joke at our Olympics Opening Ceremonies party we held last weekend.

My wife is fanatically obsessed with the Olympics so we always try to throw an Opening Ceremonies party for our friends.

At one point that evening the conversation turned to Mortal Kombat for some reason. It’s not important why.

However, while people were talking, the television was showing some Olympics commercial and I thought it would be funny to change out the boring music and announcers to a more aggressive theme song.

So, I found the Mortal Kombat theme song on Youtube on my phone and quickly switched the Bluetooth setting on my TV sound system to play the sound from my phone instead.

The result….a hilarious video. Take a listen:

I, for one, welcome the Mortal Kombat theme song into my life as much as possible.

It should be your alarm clock.

It should be on loop while you exercise.

It should play when you feel like you look especially good that day.

It should play while you’re taking shots at the bar.

It should play when you start your car in the morning to get to work.

It should play when you ace an exam or crush a presentation at work.

Overall, it is the perfect theme song for life. Honestly.

I might even put it on repeat while I write my next book! It might even make the writing a little more aggressive and edgier!

However, even without the Mortal Kombat theme song my writing is reaching a lot of people. Here’s what a recent Amazon review of Step By Step Mixing had to say:

I posted this review on Facebook and another reader, Brian Criveau, snapped a picture of the book printed out.

I told him that once I create the second edition with extra images and expanded content I’ll offer it in paperback.

Until then, anybody who wants to read it can get the Step By Step Mixing Kindle version on Amazon.

And if you want the PDF version as well, all you need to do is to email me with your receipt and I’ll send it your way, as well as a copy of my other Amazon best-seller, “Better Mixes in Less Time.”

And if you’re like “yeah yeah…blablabla…I’ve already read your book dude!” then you might be interested in the video course the book is based on, Mixing With 5 Plug-ins.

And if you’re not interested in any of that jazz….then just click the video below and make Mortal Kombat the soundtrack to the rest of your day!

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