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4 Words That WON’T Improve Your Mixes

The person who gets in the way of your music-making is the same person you have to look at in the mirror every day.


As much as we want to blame external factors, we are the biggest obstacle to finishing our work.

Our mindset can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy.

The self-doubt and anxiety alone is enough to cripple some artists. But even before that, the words and vocabulary that we use while making music can directly contribute to our success.

So, in this post, I wanted to share some of my least favorite words that you should stop using if you want to make a bigger impact with your mixes.


Should I do this, or should I do that?

How about you just try both out and see which is better?

  • Example: Should I use this compressor or that compressor?

How much time do you waste thinking about what you should do instead of just doing stuff and learning from your experiments?

Action is better than thinking. Analyzing results will improve your skills faster than learning more without applying your knowledge.

2. “WISH”

  • Example: “I wish I had this plug-in so that I could make better mixes.”

This is weak sauce. You’re letting yourself off the hook too easily by creating an imaginary barrier to your goals instead of doing the work necessary to achieve them.

Wishing for something better without working on making that reality happen just makes you stuck by the wishing well where nothing happens.

Besides, it’s not the plug-in that will make your mix better. It’s your skills as a mixing engineer.

3. “MAYBE”

Maybe is the limbo where decisions go to die.

  • Example: Maybe I’ll work on my music.”

Maybe? Just decide whether or not you will so that you can free your mind to make other decisions.

Just decide.

And then, if you’ve decided that you will, put it on the calendar and make it happen.

4. “HOPE”

Hoping for a better mix without learning the skills to improve your mixes is pointless.

Don’t hope for better mixes. Decide to improve your skills so that you KNOW you’ll get better mixes.

And if you’re “hoping” to get better mixes, I have the solution for you.

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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