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My Secret Weapon for Powerful and Professional Mixes

If you’re looking for a secret weapon to make your mixes powerful, punchy, and professional, you’re going to like this week’s video.

Using parallel processing is not a new technique to make your mixes sounding more professional, but if you’ve been confused about parallel compression on the whole mix, here’s my approach to make my mixes louder and more professional.

In this video, I’ll show you how this trick works both in hip-hop and hard rock.

Tl;dr (and didn’t watch because I’m lazy…)

  • Use parallel compression busses to add power and fullness to your mixes.
  • Parallel compression on the instrument and vocal tracks can add loudness and power from the bottom up instead of limiting your mix by cutting off the peaks.
  • Compressor settings:
    • Slow attack and fast-ish release
    • Blend underneath
    • Use different compressor emulations for additional color.

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