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New Workshop on Mixing Background Vocals

You ever feel like your backup vocals get in the way of the lead vocal?

You have these beautiful harmonies that work in theory, but in the mix, they just step all over each other in the mix.

This week I’ll be spending some time on helping you fix that particular problem. You’ll get tips and tricks on how to blend them more effectively in the mix, as well as techniques on making them stand out.

The reason I’m focusing on backing vocals this week is because of the latest workshop from The Pro Audio Files, Mixing Background Vocals.

Mixing Background vocals goes all in on the best tips and techniques you can use to get your backup vocals to sound great in your mix.

30% Off Bundle Plus a Bonus Masterclass – This Week Only

This week only, if you use my coupon code ‘audioissues30’ and buy the Complete Workshop Bundle, you’ll get 30% off as well as an exclusive Vocal Effects Masterclass from yours truly.

Here are the workshops included in the bundle:

  • Mixing Background Vocals
  • Mixing 808s
  • Using Multiband Compression
  • Mixing Acoustic Drums
  • Using Drum Compression
  • Working with Drum Loops
  • Mastering 101
  • Managing Low End
  • Mixing Vocals to a 2-Track

For more information on what’s taught in each workshop, check out the details here.

Plus: Top 10 Vocal Effects Tricks

In addition, if you use my link here and send me your receipt, I’ll send you my exclusive Top 10 Vocal Effects Tricks Video Masterclass

This masterclass is a collection of ten different vocal production tricks I use in multiple different genres – folk, rock, and punk to name a few – that help me make lead and backup vocals stand out and sound more professional.

Whether you’re looking for parallel processing tricks for larger vocals, cool slapback echoes, advanced double-tracking or aggressive megaphone effects, you’ll learn them in here.

Just grab the Complete Workshop Bundle here, and then send me your receipt via email and I’ll email you my video masterclass.

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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