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Quick Trick for Enhancing Your Low-End

Sometimes you can’t just keep boosting the low frequencies, especially when you’re working with stereo loops where you don’t have access to the kick or 808 independently.

Try out this parallel trick where you low-pass filter everything and then add some artificial low-end with an RBass (or similar) plug-in.

I got a bit heavy-handed with it during the video to demonstrate, but I think it’ll really beef up your bass to create that solid and thick foundation in your mixes.

Of course, doing advanced routing and EQ tricks like this will only help if your song is already up to snuff production-wise.

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I’ll share how you can create interest in your productions by going over and analyzing popular productions and why they work so well.

If you want to get your mixes sounding great before you even start mixing, this training is for you.

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