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Radio-Ready VS Spotify-Solid?

If you’re just joining us, we’re celebrating the grand opening of the new Audio Issues Insiders community, where you learn the skills to make radio-ready mixes and the encouraging support to proudly release them.

Here’s what Nic Hamilton, an Insider had to say about his early experience yesterday:

“Greatly enjoying discussing mixing et all with some of the other members both inside and outside of your “Insiders Area” so thanks for setting this all up”

“Radio-ready mixes.” It’s such an interesting term. In the era of streaming, it’s almost a misnomer because more people listen to Spotify than the radio these days.

But “Spotify-Solid” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I think the term reminds us of the days when you needed approval and permission to get played on the radio. You couldn’t just upload your music there yourself.

So radio-ready means that it’s competitive with any song that’s played there, whether it’s an independent release or a major label hit.

However, that’s exactly the goal with Audio Issues Insiders.

I want to help you learn the skills and get the feedback to feel confident that whatever you’re making stands up to whatever is being played on the radio.

Even if you have budget gear you can get your songs sounding just as punchy, loud and powerful as anything you’d hear coming out today.

Like Bob Gardner told me after I finished his mix, a song that’ll be featured in the November walkthrough:

“This sounds awesome! Hard to believe my little basement recording could end up sounding this good. You have those drums rockin’! You did a kick-ass job on that. I recorded those vocals on a $100 Audio Technica condenser, and a bunch of amp sims, and to think it sounds as good as it does! It’s encouraging to know how much can be accomplished with a (very) limited budget.”

    • Quick preview: I used three different parallel compression busses to make that song literally explode with energy. Can’t wait to share that walkthrough with the Insiders soon.

My goal with the Insiders is to help you make as big of an impact with your music as you can.

    • Helping you make an impact means helping you overcome your doubt about your mixes with regular mix feedback and Q&A office hours.
    • Helping you make an impact means sharing all of my mix techniques and giving you multi-tracks to practice them on.
    • That also means helping you turn your simple song into a produced package that you can be proud to release, play to your friends and push to your local radio stations (like Bob is working on).

And if you’re only working on your music as a hobby, that’s cool too and I’m here to support you.

And it’s only $19 to get started and it has an iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

You can come join us for 60 days and if you haven’t gotten anything out of the community by then, I’ll refund every penny.

And after that, if you don’t like hanging out with us anymore, chatting about music, getting feedback on mixes and supporting each other, you can cancel at any time.

And don’t worry, it’s not like my Showtime subscription I still can’t figure out how to cancel. You can easily do it with the click of a button from your Insiders account.

Won’t you come join us? It closes tomorrow so make sure you join today!

Click here to join a supportive community of home studio musicians dedicated to improving their craft.


In case you don’t know what you get when you join, here’s a quick breakdown:

    • Mix Finishing Fundamentals – a 6-Part video course that helps you save time with every mix by using a streamlined mix workflow to confidently finish your songs, whatever genre you’re working in. Learn to set up your mix for success, approach your mix with creativity and finish your mix with confidence.
    • Monthly Mix Walkthroughs – You will receive regular multi-tracks and mix walkthroughs of various genres to help you practice your skills and improve your own mixes so that you can release your next song, EP, or album. You’ll also get interviews with the musicians behind the songs to hear the stories and the inspirations behind the recordings.
    • Weekly Mix Feedback – Jump on an Office Hours style coaching calls with me where you get dedicated mix feedback to help you make your mixes translate to every speaker. I’ll listen to your mixes through all of my speaker systems to give you dedicated notes to improve.
    • Music Promotion Masterclasses – Monthly masterclasses on building your online presence, creating content to promote your music and growing your career.  If you work with musicians as a freelance engineer you can use these masterclasses to pass the information forward to help out your clients.
    • A Supportive Community – A place to hang out, collaborate, ask questions, share your releases and get the support you need. I’ll be in there regularly helping out, answering questions and creating members-only content to help your mixes get better.

Plus: If you join today, you’ll also get my $97 course, Expert Home Vocals, for absolutely free. Just for taking the chance and checking it out you’ll have access to my in-depth eBook and video course that helps you produce, record, edit, and mix better vocals from your home studio, even if you don’t have expensive equipment.

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Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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