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You’re going to love this new mix training I made for you that I’m doing next week.

The free Mix Finisher Formula VIP Workshop goes live on Monday (on my birthday no less!), and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Every year on my birthday I do something special and exciting for my audience and I can’t wait to show you what I got in store this year.

If you haven’t registered yet, go here to reserve your seat.

Yesterday I made some before/after examples so that it’s not all just talk, but you’ll actually hear the results as we walk through a mix from beginning to end.

I personally hate workshops that are just all superficial talk without any real training.

That’s why I spent all afternoon yesterday making super practical and concise examples so you’ll have immediate takeaways to improve your mixes after the workshop.

You’ll see where to EQ drums to get rid of boxiness, add low-end thump in the kick, high-mid smack in the snare, and overall air to the kit.

You’ll learn what compression models to use on each drum track, and what compression and saturation settings to use to get a beefier drum mix.

I’ll show you my parallel bass trick that helps your bass cut through on small speakers.

You’ll discover how to use serial compression, with two drastically different compression settings (and some saturation), to make a vocal sit better in a mix.

You’ll how to EQ the guitars to cut through the mix while staying away from the vocal and allowing the tone of the bass to cut through as well.

I share my panned delay trick to get wider guitars, and you’ll learn how to use two different vocal delays and reverb to add thickness and depth.

If you’ve been confused about parallel compression, I show you the easy way I set up my routing to immediately add professional power to your mix.

And I’ll also be available for any questions at the end!

Basically, the Mix Finisher Formula VIP workshop will walk you through the entire mixing process and I’m super excited to show it to you.

There are two slots available next week, but I highly recommend the Monday slot.

Why? Because that’s my birthday and you’ll never know what’s gonna happen!

There are limited spots available so make sure you click here to reserve your seat now.

Looking forward to sharing this with you!


Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE Mix Finisher Cheatsheet

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