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Slaying the Sacred Cow of the Frequency Spectrum

If you live in a city that’s been invaded by motorized scooters, you know the amount of controversy these things bring with them.

One side hates them because they don’t like change and want things to stay the same. They think the scooters clutter up the streets and cause accidents and mayhem.

Obviously, much of their views are overexaggerated and unfounded, but they yell anyway because that’s how the internet has taught them to win arguments.

They’re like J. Jonah Jameson screaming at Spiderman for being a menace to the city.

The other side scoots around the city, deftly maneuvering around the dangerous cars cluttering up the streets, leaving an invisible carbon footprint #EnviroWarrior

If I had the Infinity Gauntlet I’d snap my fingers and replace half of the cars with scooters!

And they’ll scream, “How dare you go after our cars! You can’t say stuff like that! It’ll hurt Mater’s feelings!”

You can’t mention that all the arguments people have for hating the scooters could just as easily apply to cars.

Scooters clutter the streets and sidewalks! Well, cars are in the way of everyone who isn’t inside the car.

Scooters cause accidents! There are six million car accidents in the U.S. every year, causing 90 deaths per day. 

But you can’t say things like that. The car is a status symbol. It’s a Sacred Cow you’re not supposed to go after.

Another Sacred Cow you’re probably familiar with is the Sacred Cow of Subtractive EQ’ing. This rule that you should always cut rather than boost.

Hell…I’ve probably said it myself a few times just to please the powers that be.

But I don’t believe in it anymore. I believe EQ is a tool you use to get musical results. Whatever you need to do to get there is fine with me.

Sacred Cows are not as sacred as the sound that you’re getting for yourself or your clients. Twist the knobs the wrong way if it gets you the sound you’re looking for.

There are guidelines, best practices and common techniques that all help you get closer to your final mix. None of them are rules or laws or Sacred Cows.

If a Sacred Cow is standing in the way of you and the final mix you’re proud to share with the world, you must slay it so that you can succeed.

I mastered an instrumental dub song for an Insiders members last week and I ended up with some seriously creative low-end boosting to get that smooth bass sound he was after. I didn’t think that I shouldn’t do this, or shouldn’t do that. I just EQ’d the low-end until it sounded like his reference tracks so he would be happy with the results.

The Audio Issues Insiders community isn’t open right now, but you can easily tap into all of my EQ knowledge from EQ Strategies – Your Ultimate Guide to EQ.

In fact, one of the free bonuses inside EQ Strategies is my report: How to Make Radio-Ready Records With Easy Mastering EQ Tricks.

This guide explains the difference between EQ during the mixing and mastering phase. It shows you all the methods to keep in mind, as well as the mistakes to avoid when you’re using EQ while mastering.

  • Your key checklist when using mastering EQ
  • How to use metering tools for frequency analysis during mastering
  • The subtle secret of using EQ during mastering
  • The do’s and don’ts of mastering EQ
  • Why you should use a linear phase EQ during mastering
  • How to use M/S EQ during mastering for a tighter low-end
  • Your quick-start guide to mastering with EQ

If you’re looking to clearly understand the secrets of EQ to get less mud in your mixes and more separation between your instruments, EQ Strategies is guaranteed to help you out.

Thousands of students have used the guide to improve their home recordings during mixdown. They’ve learned to place their instruments in the frequency spectrum and understood how to make sure their productions stay balanced and clean.

You can stop scratching your head right now and get to work understanding the intricacies of the most powerful processor you have to create professional mixes.

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Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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