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Step By Step Mixing Made a Mixing Engineer Out of This Songwriter

Yesterday somebody left a review for Step By Step Mixing that summarizes precisely why I keep writing for you guys.

Here’s the review from Tino:

“I LOVE THIS BOOK. I’m a singer, songwriter, producer and now after reading this I’d finally call myself a mix engineer as well.

Before reading this I felt like I had a pretty ok understanding of mixing and just needed to fill in the gaps, but after reading this I realized that I didn’t know much at all.

I got so much out of this. This is truly a fantastic book for any new, aspiring or even seasoned mix engineers. I’ve always wanted to just sit next to some pro MEs to see how they did it and I finally feel like I had that chance.

My friend said it best when he said that every page is filled with great info and at no point did he ever feel like Björgvin was trying to fill pages. Literally every page and word was extremely helpful.

So now I need to stop reading and taking notes obsessively and get to mixing.

Keep em coming Björgvin. Great Stuff!”

Being able to help a musician take the final step in their music creation and help them make better mixes is priceless. This guy was already an accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer. But after reading my short eBook, he felt he could make better mixes to truly take his songs to the next level. That’s so awesome for me to know.

It (almost) makes me happy that I spent all that money on audio school so I could write a $4.99 eBook that teaches everything you need to know about mixing. That way, people don’t have to go into student loan debt just to make their mixes better.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Step By Step Mixing because you had to buy it on Amazon, you’re in luck! I finally got around to offering it via PDF through my site.

Plus, I’m also offering my other best-selling eBook, Better Mixes in Less Time, for free to anyone who bypasses Amazon and buys straight through me.

That’s a 45% savings and you get a whole extra eBook.

So if you want to get the same results as the singer/songwriter above, grab Step By Step Mixing right here:


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