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The 3 Phases of Producing Great Music – And More This Week

Happy Monday!

Here’s what you can enjoy from me and the Audio Issues team this week.

Distribute Your Music Through Amuse

It’s so easy to distribute your music nowadays. And Amuse is one a service that makes it so easy — and free.

Caleb Murphy released a single and a commentary album through Amuse. Here are his thoughts on it:

The 3 Phases of Producing Great Music

After studying music, mixing music, and helping thousands of students mix their own music up to professional standards, there are quite a few things that I’ve learned that make a great mix.

And unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet. The best mixes have nothing to do with what your EQ curve looks like or how much gain reduction you’re adding to your drums.

I’ll be talking about how to create more interesting music before you ever slap on a plug-in in this week’s workshop series called the Music Production Master Plan.

There are two times available and you can reserve your spot here.

Audio Issues Insiders Opens for New Members

Tomorrow at noon I’ll be opening the doors to my intensive Insiders membership where I help you produce radio-ready music AND also show you how to successfully release and grow your audience online.

It’s what you’d get if a music producer, an Economics professor, and a life coach had a baby. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re interested in creating great music that sounds awesome and want it to reach a bigger audience, it just might be for you.

Check out what you get as an Insider right here and check back tomorrow to join.

Action Calls – Insiders Only – Various Times

I’ll be doing Welcome Calls with incoming Insiders this week at various times, so make sure you reserve a time that works for you when you join.

Feedback Friday – Friday 1 PM PT – Insiders Only

We’re back with another exclusive Feedback Friday session for Insiders this week so if you’re an Insider please submit your mix in the Mix Feedback section of the community so I can download it into the DAW before our session.

Even if you don’t have a mix to share, please join us on the call because you’ll never know what mixing tips you’ll pick up as we go through each song and share ways it can be improved.

That’s why Gina joined Insiders so if you can relate to her story in any way I’m looking forward to seeing you in there so I can take a listen to your music.


That’s what we got on tap this week so please enjoy the new blog post and I hope to see you at one or more of these events this week.

Have a great start to your week,


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