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The One Trick To Make Your Drums More Powerful Every Time

One of the biggest problems I hear from the students mixing the hard rock multi-track included in the Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins Masterclass is the drum sound.

Making powerful and punchy drums is a big challenge, but there’s one thing that can always make your drums hit harder.

Parallel Compression.

I have a permanent Parallel Drums Bus in my mixing template because I use it so often.

Routing your drums to a fast FET compressor like the 1176 can really increase the power of . Add a little EQ after the compressor to sculpt your compressed drums a bit and you’ll have a huge drum sound in no time.

Here’s a quick preview into the Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins Masterclass that shows you just how much bigger you can make your drums.

Hard Rock Masterclass Goes Away Tomorrow

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EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, and Saturation are the most important plug-ins for every mix. If you master them you’ll find it easy to mix any genre because you know exactly what tools to use to create balance, separation, and depth in your mixes.

You’ll learn all that inside:

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