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The Truth About Becoming a Fast Mixing Engineer

Being an efficient mixing engineer is incredibly important.

If you charge a flat rate per song and you can mix more songs in less time you’ll make more money.

Simple as that.

Assuming you can keep the quality of your mixes consistent, you’re in a very good place for your professional productivity.

However, becoming fast is another thing altogether.

Gary Keller, the author of The One Thing, said it best:

“When you see someone who has a lot of knowledge, they learned it over time. When you see someone who has a lot of skills, they developed them over time. When you see someone who has done a lot, they accomplished it over time. When you see someone who has a lot of money, they earned it over time. The key is over time.”

Reading that, it’s no wonder you can’t mix fast if you’re just starting out.  You haven’t done it enough “over time” to create “mixing muscle memory.”

Unfortunately, as much as I want to give you a magic pill for mixing faster, I can’t perform miracles. There is still a learning curve of repetition over time that needs to happen before you can truly mix fast.

The Importance of Deliberate Practice

One of the best ways to learn to mix faster is to perform deliberate practice.

That means blocking out times where the only thing you focus on is improving your mixing skills.

Not checking email updating your Facebook feed, responding to Twitter and posting on completely clear your schedule for nothing except making your mix sound good. No distractions and no exceptions.

No distractions and no exceptions.

You’ll improve much more with an hour of deliberate mixing practice where you fully immerse yourself in the process than if you’re constantly multitasking between different things.

Even if you think you spent an hour mixing, with all the distractions you’ll be lucky if you get 15 minutes of true focus with all the constant interruptions you’re imposing upon yourself.

Make deliberate and focused practice your natural state when you’re trying to improve your mixes.

You’ll get there faster.

The Quick Mixing Workflow

Although 3D_01I can’t wave a magic wand and make you a faster mixing engineer, I can show you the process I take that will save you time in every mix.

If you take forever to mix and want to learn a workflow that speeds up the entire process so you can become a faster and more efficient mixing engineer, you’ll like the techniques I teach you inside Quick Mixing.

Check out the workflow process and free bonuses I include inside Quick Mixing here.

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