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There’s No One Way to Learn Anything

Chances are, you’ve either learned my entire mix process through Step By Step Mixing, or you’ve seen me write about it ad nauseam. That’s Latin for “I can’t believe he’s going to bring this $#!t up again.”

Don’t worry, I won’t.

You’ve already heard enough about it for now.

However, just because I have a method that I like teaching doesn’t mean that I think that’s the only method that works.

It’s not the only way. There’s no one way to do anything. Maybe brain surgery?

Anyhoo, yesterday I talked about my buddy Jordan and his Mixing Webinar you should absolutely take, especially if you work in harder genres such as rock and metal.

Jordan approaches mixing a little bit differently and that’s great. You’ll learn a new perspective to add to your bag of tricks.

I believe that to learn something you should learn as many ways to be as creative as possible from as many people as possible. Then you can pick and choose to make up your own process. My methods of doing anything, whether that’s audio, online business, writing or even cooking, is based on the synthesis of many different mentors throughout my life that have influenced my creativity.

Here’s what you’ll learn on his webinar:

  • How to Avoid Mixing Myths: Why most of what you’ve seen online about EQ and compression won’t work for heavy music – and what to do instead.
  • His Step-by-Step Mix Process: How to mix faster, get radio-ready results and know when the mix is done.
  • How to Make Big Records Anywhere: A simple yet powerful shift that will help your mixes translate everywhere, even if you mix in a bedroom or basement.

Although his webinar is pure useful content, he also has a premium course called Hardcore Mixing. If you decide to join after the webinar I wanted to give you a free bonus for doing so through my link.

Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins

The Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins Masterclass takes the Step By Step Mixing methods and uses them on a hard rock track to teach you to create kick-ass rock mixes.

Here’s What You’ll Learn from Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins

  • How to EQ your drum buss to get rid of weird resonances from your overhead tracks
  • How analog saturation adds just that tiny extra spice to your tracks
  • How to tame a snare drum that has too much “smack” to it
  • How to tame the harshness from your cymbals
  • Why you should add saturation before your other plug-ins to make your kick drum sound better
  • Using multi-band compression on the kick drum to get thick lows without muddiness
  • Why a solo’d drum track is never a good gauge of whether your kick drum will cut through the mix
  • Side-chain compression techniques for guitars, vocals, and delays!
  • How to separate the bass and guitars by finding where they mask each other in the frequency spectrum
  • My go-to compressor for guitars and how much harder I slam them for rock than for folk
  • How to know when saturation is killing your tracks
  • How heavy pumping and saturation on synth lines can really bring your keys to life
  • How an EQ, a multi-band compressor, a parallel saturator, and thick delay can create a cool vocal sound
  • When to use a plate pre-set for a snare-stretch reverb
  • How to use automation on your vocal delay to make the chorus bigger
  • My go-to drum reverbs to make any drum sound bigger without cluttering up the mix

If you’d like to get the Mixing Hard Rock With 5 Plug-ins Masterclass for free, all you gotta do is join Jordan’s Mixing webinar here, join his premium Mixing Hardcore course he offers at the end and then send me your receipt in an email. From there I’ll send you exclusive access to the Masterclass.

But don’t delay, I’m only offering this Masterclass with Jordan’s webinar this week so make sure you grab it today, or on Friday at the very latest.

Here’s where you go to get started.



Transform Your Muddy Mixes Into Powerful, Radio-Ready Records With Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet

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