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I thought my mix sucked, but I just couldn't hear the high frequencies anymore

When you mix for too long, you’ll risk ruining the mix you started out with.

Not just because you like tweaking things here and there, but because after a while your ears are shot.

That happened to me yesterday as I was finishing up a long day of mixing.

As I usually do, I took the dog for a walk and tested my mix through my earbuds to hear how the regular Apple lovin’ amateur would experience my mix.

I felt the mix lacked some high-end and was sounding a bit too muddy, but it was late, so I thought I would revisit it in the morning.

Well, I just took a listen to the mix again, and it sounded great! It wasn’t too muddy with low-mids. It was just that I couldn’t hear the high-end at the end of the day.

My ears were simply too tired.

When your ears are tired, the high-end and high-mids will sound duller.

And when you can’t hear the entire frequency spectrum accurately you’ll make poor mix decisions.

Make sure you take adequate breaks, don’t listen to everything at an ear-piercing volume and listen to your ears when they’re telling you they’re tired.

That’s why it’s so important to mix quickly. If you can get a good rough mix up and running immediately, you’ll have more time to get the mix perfect before ear fatigue sets in.

That’s where Quick Mixing comes in. It’ll teach you to get to a finished mix in only two hours, using just stock plug-ins.

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