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Top 10 Free Compression Videos on Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Multi-band and Mastering

Compression is a tricky subject and it can confuse you even if you’ve been using it for a while.

There are always more compression techniques to learn, depending on the genre, the instrument or the setting so I sat down and grabbed a nice collection of compression videos you can enjoy during your coffee breaks today.

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Compression Basics

Starting with the basics, the guys over at The Pro Audio Files have a good introductory tutorial for anyone starting out.

Drum Bus Compression Mistake

Joe Gilder from what the attack does and how you can use it to make your drums sound punchier.

Using Compression on Guitars and Bass

Graham over at The Recording Revolution delves into two techniques of compressing guitars.

He also has a good technique on compressing the bass:

Parallel Compression

The guys at the Waves Street Team have a simple and easy to follow tutorial on using parallel compression on kick and snare. The Puigteq EQ is a favorite of mine and I use their plug-ins ALL the time.

They always have specials on something so you should never pay full price for the plug-ins but if you’re in the market for some new ones you can check them out here.

Side-Chain Compression

In addition to some extra information about parallel compression, there’s some useful information in this video about using side-chain and buss compression as well.

Vocal Compression

Dave Garnish talks about vocal compression using Logic Pro. I’m a big fan of Logic but it is no requisite to learning the compression techniques he shares, especially which emulations to use on each instrument.


Matthew Weiss, the guy behind Learn Compression and Mixing Hip Hop also has some cool information about using multi-band compression on rap vocals.

Mastering Compression

Ian Shepherd always has a ton of tips to share when it comes to mastering. In this video (one of his most popular ones), he shows you how to master a song loud but also what you lose by doing so. He uses more techniques than just compression in the video but it’s very eye-opening. His tutorial on Mastering With Multiband Compression comes highly recommended.

What are your favorite compression techniques? Did you learn anything new in these videos that you discovered you were doing wrong?

Let me know in the comments!


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