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Are you the type of person who brings chips to a dinner party?

I have this running joke whenever I’m invited to a potluck-style party.

Especially when said party is at my house.

I should explain…we get asked to host parties for our friends all the time because our house is nice and open. Because it’s perfect for large groups of people, the parties aren’t always our idea. We just usually say yes when people ask because hey…I don’t have to leave the house to have fun!

However, with potluck style parties there’s usually a group message where people share what they’re going to bring.

And I’m always the sarcastic asshole that says:

“I’ll bring chips!”

Now, I rarely actually bring chips. This is actually the last thing I brought to a dinner party:

But you see, I love making fun of the type of person who brings chips to a dinner party because it’s both super lazy while still being incredibly important.

Let me explain.

The upside of bringing chips to a party:

It’s incredibly easy to do. You can go to any gas station to complete your task. You don’t have to put in any effort, do any prep work, or hardly spend any money because chips are so cheap.

As soon as you arrive, you just open the bag and plant it on the table. Mission accomplished.

Difficulty factor: Easy.

The downside of bringing chips to a party:

Unfortunately, it’s very telling how little effort you put in if your contribution was just a bag of chips. Especially if they’re boring salt chips.

I’d have more respect for the chips and salsa person, especially if they bring those restaurant style salsas. Now, that’s just a proper appetizer in the southwest.

But salted potato chips? Boring.


The importance of bringing chips to a party!

You may be thinking that I’m a little mean here, giving the chips guy (it’s always a guy…women know better) all this shit for doing the bare minimum, but you’d be wrong.

Because the chips are incredibly important.

Everybody always eats the chips. They stay on the counter and the entire party nibbles on them throughout the night.

Nobody truly gets mad at the guy bringing the chips. The unwritten social contract states that although they are the bare minimum in effort, they are of maximum importance for the party.

It’s a necessary ingredient for a good party and if it wasn’t for the Chips Dude, we wouldn’t have any empty carbs to go with our beers!

It’s kind of like how the simple EQ filter can make your mixes better immediately. It’s by far the most straightforward mix move you can make to clean up your mixes. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into it, but it’s still a necessary ingredient to making your mixes cleaner.

If you’d like to know more than just the bare minimum of EQ’ing and learn how to create separation between all the instruments in your mix, EQ Strategies – The Ultimate Guide is for you.

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Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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