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What Does Breast Milk Have to Do With Better Drum Mixes?

I get it, what on earth does breast milk have to do with getting better drum mixes?!?

Here’s the story:

My wife and I are slowly adjusting to the new normal as parents but it doesn’t come without its hiccups…

No, I don’t mean the constant hiccups from our daughter, but rather the fact that…we can’t just tell the one-month-old to feed herself because mommy and daddy are busy.

I can’t exactly dump the baby back into mommy’s lap when she’s on a conference call with some hot-shot sponsor.

And although I invested in some sweet cry-canceling headphones, baby’s still gotta eat!

So, now we have a freezer full of frozen milk for whenever mommy’s unavailable, but the whole frozen block of bagged milk is an impediment that my daughter has zero patience for!

Just between you and me: I did briefly toy with the idea of marketing frozen milk popsicles, but I don’t think there’s a big enough market of babies demanding that particular product.

It would be hard to get the mommy-lobby on board to create enough demand for it to become a sustainable business.


Hence my predicament…I needed to figure out an efficient way to thaw and warm up the milk before the baby broke the windows with her glass-shattering sobs.

It needed to thaw fast, but I couldn’t put it in the microwave because it would get too hot.

The bottle warmer seemed to need an advanced Ph.D. to operate so I scratched my head trying to find a better solution.

And there it was!

Tucked away on the counter in a fancy black box: The Christmas present from my in-laws!

My sous-vide precision cooker!

Now, this is my new favorite kitchen gadget. I’ve made all sorts of food with it and everything cooks perfectly.

And it’s the perfect tool for thawing and warming up my frozen milk popsicles!

I could simply leave a pot of water on the counter and set the sous-vide to an exact 98℉.

Then the water would heat up quickly and the milk would warm up to the daughter-desired temperature.

Now, it might be an unusual tool for the job, but sometimes the standard tools don’t hack it.

Take your drum mixes for example.

Sometimes EQ and compression don’t quite cut it, and that’s when you need to rely on advanced tools like transient designers.

Transient designers can shape your drum sounds in ways no other processors can.

  • You can add attack without boosting a bunch of frequencies
  • You can shorten the perceived rhythm of the beat by reducing the sustain
  • You can even get rid of lingering room sounds and reverb just by shaping the tail of the envelope!

The transient designer is a secret weapon for powerful drum mixes, and it’s something I teach you all about inside my Drum Mix Toolkit.

And this week, the Drum Mix Toolkit and Expert Home Vocals Production Bundle is 30% off!

So if you want to learn more about tweaking, shaping, and transforming your drum sounds from weak and puny to punchy and powerful, Drum Mix Toolkit will teach you everything you need to know.

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Björgvin “Breast Milk Bufoon” Benediktsson

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