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What's Your Favorite Bass Mixing Trick?

Mixing bass can be tough.

You can end up with a really muddy mix because it’s overpowering the low-mids. Even worse, you might try to overcompensate to get rid of the boominess and end up with a thin low-end instead.

I asked our Facebook followers about their favorite bass mixing tricks and boy did they not disappoint.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite bass mixing tips from the community for you to try in your next mix.

This last trick from Dave Chick is something I do a lot if I’m having a hard time making the bass and kick fit together in the mix.

In fact, there’s an entire video on separating the kick and bass so that they move together in the mix inside the video vault of the Drum Mix Toolkit.

If you’re bass and kick is clashing in the low-end and you need help cleaning that area of your mix up, check out the Drum Mix Toolkit here.

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