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Why Only Mixing on a Mixcube is a Disaster

I’m a big fan of my mixcube, but relying on it entirely can be a disaster.

Here’s what happened:

I was working on a mix

Making your mixes translate across all speaker systems is incredibly important. I even made a handy infographic a while ago to help you do that. So, I’ve found that relying on the mixcube makes mix translation easier. However, putting all your faith in one mono speaker is a disaster waiting to happen, as I was about to find out yesterday.

After I get a good mix going on this monitor I usually throw the mix over to my other monitors and flip the entire thing into stereo.

It was then that I noticed how much the mixcube wasn’t telling me.

You see, these kinds of monitors are really mid-range-y. They don’t really tell you what’s going on in the low-end and in this case, in particular, it failed to tell me anything about my high-end.

It was like I’d cranked the treble up to 11!

It’s funny because, while I was doing my rough mix, my analyzer was telling me about a weird bump in the high-end frequencies. I didn’t think too much of it at the time because I couldn’t hear it.

But when I listened on my “real” monitors?

Oh, it was there all right!

The harshness of those cymbals still haunts me today!

But the lesson here is that you need to constantly check your mixes on different speaker systems to make sure they’re balanced across the board. Whenever you run into odd differences and mismatch between speakers it’s usually not that hard to fix anyway.

I had focused on the wrong frequencies while I was using the mixcube so it only took a few EQ tweaks to get everything sounding smooth again.

That’s the power of EQ for you. Fixes every frequency problem!

So take that to heart when you’re working on your next mix. Check your mix on multiple systems to make sure you’re not overlooking an EQ problem that will make you look like an idiot in front of your friends with the $10,000 Hi-Fi system.

If you happen to have EQ problems that you can’t seem to fix, check out my EQ Strategies – Ultimate Guide to EQ. It’ll teach you how to know exactly which frequencies to boost and cut, and where to find them.

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