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Some Zen Haikus for Your Cyber Monday Stress

I’m in Japan over the long Thanksgiving holiday so I thought I’d make you some haikus to remind you of the Black Friday/Cyper Monday deals that are still going on.

Most of these deals end today so you must act now if you want to get these discounts.

If mix breakthrough is needed

Get secrets to add

Ten percent extra to mix

Use coupon

Make loudness your friend not foe

The end goal is to

help your mixes sound punchy

Use coupon code MPLGBLACK for 30% off Dynameter

Do you know if master is

better sounding or

just louder and more squashed?

Use coupon code MPLGBLACK for 30% off Perception

If many topics you need

Get all workshops now

Six plus hours will improve skills

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY40

Today is your last chance to enjoy some of those deals so make sure you grab them before the discount runs out.



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