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How Consistent Rough Mixing Makes for a Comfortable Recording Experience

This week’s production tip over at The Long Wait’s Youtube channel is about rough mixing during the recording process.

Because I do most of the work myself I’m constantly changing the session around, moving the levels around and tweaking stuff to suit what I’m doing that day.

So the levels are usually all over the place.

  • When I’m comping bass the kick, snare and bass guitar are usually the loudest parts of the mix
  • When editing guitar it’s usually much louder than the vocal so that I hear it better with the rhythm section

But that’s not very helpful when I want to continue recording.

And it’s especially unhelpful to the other musicians that are trying to record their parts.

They want to be able to hear a “rough mix” of what’s going on in the session so that they can get comfortably into the groove of things.

So that’s what I talk about in the video. Check out this short tip before you venture into your weekend.

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