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How to Get More Powerful Rock Guitar Sound During Tracking

A great guitar sound is crucial for making a rock song sound huge. Turns out, making it big during tracking goes A LONG WAY.

We’re in the middle of recording a punk rock EP and last time we got an excellent guitar sound after we experimented a bit during the tracking phase.

Here’s what we did:

Double Tracked Multiple Guitars

The guitar player plays a single-coil Stratocaster that has a very distinct, slightly wiry sound. To get more depth to the guitar sound, we double-tracked the rhythm guitar parts with an Epiphone Semi-Hollow Body.

You could argue that the sound of the semi-hollow body is almost the opposite of the single-coil Stratocaster. But together they complemented each other well.

Different Amp Sounds

Because of the different ways these two guitars react to distortion we used two different amp settings for each one. I have a versatile Vox Valvetronix amp that can give you a smorgasbord of sounds, so we spent some time getting the amp settings just right.

What we ended up with was a fairly distorted and dark sounding amp setting for the Epiphone, which suited the guitar perfectly, and a crunchy overdrive for the Stratocaster. The chunky overdrive flattered the Stratocaster sound nicely, thickened up the single-coil sound and seemed more like a punch in the face than a wall of noise.

The trick there was to keep the gain of the overdrive on the safe side. Too much overdrive and you’ll end up with a mushy mess that sounds unclear and distorted.

The additional distortion from the Epiphone took care of adding enough distortion and gain to make the song sound like a punch song, and when you put the two guitars together, they sounded much bigger than the sum of their parts.

Don’t Make My Guitar Sound Mistake!

The reason we spent so much time on getting the right guitar sound was that we didn’t think enough about it when we recorded their last song.

The amp sound we recorded for their last song was much harder to fit in the mix, so taking the time to get the exact sound we wanted from the start helped us make the mixing process that much easier.

This is one of the mistakes I’ll be talking about inside my video, Don’t Make These Mistakes When Producing Punk! ($49 Value)

It’s an in-depth look at the various things I learned while recording this recent Punk EP.

  • How to avoid fixing a sludgy guitar sound in the mix.
  • How to double track with two different sounds to get a bigger guitar sound.
  • Finding the right overhead sound to avoid harshness.
  • Compression techniques for a growling bass
  • How to know when your mix has a good frequency balance (especially in the highs!)
  • How to make three hard-hitting vocalists sound huge together

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