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How to get great recordings and buy better quality gear (Time sensitive)

In the last five years I’ve felt it was my responsibility to help you get better recordings.

Whether you’re trying to get the mic placement right to get a full sound or getting the best bang for your buck when you’re shopping for gear, I like to think I try to help you out with anything you need.

In the last year I’ve been doing a lot more actual recording work. Not mixing or editing or anything in the box like that.

Nope, actual miking up instruments and getting a great performance.

In addition to that I’ve moved into a new house and I’m in the process of setting up a on that later).

So I’ve taken a lot of the lessons I’ve learned about recording in the last year and added them as video components to the brand new Recording Strategies Tutorial Package.

Not only do you also get a cool eBook filled with practical and easy to use recording tips that both Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder have called:

I like training that is simple and to the point. Bjorgvin has done just that with “Recording Strategies”. It’s pretty much a field guide to solid recordings in the home or project studio. Pick it up and you won’t be disappointed. ” -Graham Cochrane

Rather than giving us a boring 400-page text book, Björgvin goes straight for the good stuff, with lots of tips and strategies you can implement right away.” -Joe Gilder

but I’ve also added some very useful videos designed to help you make the most of your gear to get great recordings.

The New Video Packages

How to shop for the best quality gear online and make sure you’re getting EXACTLY what you need – My exact process for shopping for gear so I make an educated decision that leads to less buyer’s remorse and makes you actually get quality stuff at the price you’re willing to pay.

The 6 step process for getting it right at the source – The 6 point process of making sure you get a great sounding instrument into your DAW. It’s not just about pointing your microphone in the right spot, there’s plenty more stuff to think about that starts even before you plug in your mic.

How to find the right microphone for the job – A technique rooted in the economic theory of revealed preferences (I’m an Econ nerd) that tells you how to find the best sounding microphone for the job. If you have multiple microphones and you don’t know which one to choose this method will take all of the guess work out of your process, making you secure with your mic selection.

Acoustic Guitar Strategies: A crash course in acoustic instrument recording – In this video we compare four different acoustic guitars to find the one for the job. In addition I show you various microphone techniques and how the acoustic guitar sounds depending on where you point the mic. Finally, we conclude with some simple stereo mic techniques. Of course, many of the techniques in the acoustic guitar video are easily applicable to a lot of different instruments.

Everything at the same low price…until Friday!

On Friday Recording Strategies will go up from the normal price of $29 to $39 with all the videos included but if you buy before then you can get all the videos for the same low price as the eBook itself.

Of course, if you decide to bundle it with Mixing Strategies or Mixing Solutions for a complete audio production guide you will save some money there as well.

Lastly, if you don’t like the videos or think I’m too stupid looking in the videos you can always return any of my products with my 100% money-back guarantee.

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