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How To Track Guitars That Won’t Need Any Exhausting Editing [Free Video]

On Friday I told you my story of how I overcomplicated my guitar recording process when I first started out.

A great guitar sound is crucial for making a rock song sound huge. Turns out, making it big during tracking goes A LONG WAY, and you’ll get bigger and more bad-ass guitar sounds if you just don’t try so hard to be cool.

Four mics on the guitar amplifier might look cool, but we’re making music so all you’ll be judged on is whether it sounds cool.

And although a quick dynamic in front of the sweet spot of the amplifier might not look as cool as a mic on every cone, it will sound way cooler.

Sure, there are times when a second mic can come in handy. My go-to electric guitar amp technique is a dynamic and a ribbon blended together.

But if you’re doing hard rock, sometimes a tightly double-tracked rhythm guitar recorded with one microphone is all you need.

That’s exactly what Jordan Valeriote is teaching today in his second hardcore tracking video workshop.

If you haven’t seen the first couple videos, click here for his FREE, no-strings-attached recording workshop where you’ll learn to get better sounds at the source. If you follow his techniques I wouldn’t be surprised if your next raw recordings sound better than some people’s finished mixes.

In the Guitar Tracking Mastery video you’lll learn:

  • How attention to detail is key to eliminate tedious editing
  • The counterintuitive approach to gain for tighter distorted guitar tracks
  • How to approach string gauge and intonation to get a perfect guitar tone
  • Jordan’s go-to EQ settings for hard rock
  • An easy way to dial in a rocking guitar tone on the amp

And last but not least, his detailed tracking process of recording complex rhythm guitar parts that need hardly any editing, even if the guitar player is playing incredibly technical guitar lines.

And although Jordan’s showing you his techniques in a fancy schmancy studio, don’t worry, you can use all of the advice in the video in whatever room you’re recording in.

Sign up for the workshop here and start recording tracks that rival your favorite records.

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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