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How to use simple (no-math) economic theory to find the best microphone to use

Microphones are great and it’s incredibly fun to try out new ones.

I’ve grown increasingly fond of testing different microphones each time I’m recording something.

In my home studio I have a limited arsenal of microphones so I usually just stick with the two or three I have around.

But lately I’ve been going to a studio downtown to record and they have a nice locker of mics to test.

I try to take at least twenty minutes or so to test out different microphones every time I’m recording just to find the right one for the job.

Those 20 minutes are well spent because instead of taking hours to fix something in the mix that was recorded with the wrong mic I’ve already spent the time to take that situation out of the equation.

Doing shootouts is fun, especially if you end up with something that’s so good you hardly have to EQ it later.

But it’s also a little of mics because you’ll end up second guessing yourself.

You’ll be asking yourself stuff like:

Is this one better than that one?

What about the third one I tried, is it better than the first one? I really liked the sound of that.

Well you’re in luck because as Strategies I have a simple presentation that’ll help you choose the exact microphone that’s right for the job.

It’s based on the economic theory of revealed preferences. It sounds more scienc-y than it is but there’s a solid thinking process in there you can use to help you never worry about which mic you’re using ever again.

Check it out here, and grab the discounted price until Friday night.

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