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Ready for Remarkable Results from Your Hardcore Tracks?

I’m proud to promote one of the cooler courses I’ve come across in recent years,

Hardcore Tracking by Jordan Valeriote.

It helps you become a master not only of your recording gear but also the instruments themselves so that you can always start with the best source possible.

If you watched the free workshop in the last week you might have seen some great teaser content from him that taught you how to record drums, guitars and vocals.

He just opened the doors to the rest of the course, and posted a video that explains everything you need to know about it:

Click here to watch the video and then jump in to Hardcore Tracking.

Hardcore tracking will close in 4 days so now is the chance to learn to really make your raw recordings rock! In addition, he’s adding a special $97 “Mixing Exposé” bonus for free for everybody who enrolls in the course in the next 24 hours.

As if that isn’t enough I’m also throwing in a few exclusive bonuses of my own:

Free Bonus #1 – Don’t Make These Mistakes When Producing Punk! ($49 Value)

An in-depth look at the learning process of recording a punk rock EP. You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid fixing a sludgy guitar sound in the mix.
  • How to double track with two different sounds to get a bigger guitar sound.
  • Finding the right overhead sound to avoid harshness.
  • Compression techniques for a growling bass
  • How to know when your mix has a good frequency balance (especially in the highs!)
  • How to make three hard-hitting vocalists sound huge together

Free Bonus #2 – Mixing With With Plug-ins ($199 Value)

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins is my flagship course that tackles the five most important plug-ins to master in every mix.

  • Learn to get organized and simplify your mixing process to create more mixes that sound better in less time
  • Learn practical EQ tips to make all of your instruments fit in your mix
  • Learn to use compression to create punchy and tight mixes
  • Learn to use reverb and delay to add space and depth to your mixes without cluttering up the song and making yourself sound like an amateur
  • Learn everything you need to know about saturation to add that secret sauce to your songs that makes people take notice of your skills
  • Learn an invaluable process to getting your mix to translate to any speaker or sound system

Free Bonus #3 – Recording & Mixing Strategies ($77 Value)

  • Recording Strategies is filled with shortcuts to great recordings without the tedious technical explanations.
  • Mixing Strategies offers simple to use tricks to make your drums, guitars, vocals and low-end sound tighter and cleaner.
  • Includes Two In-Depth eBooks and 11 videos on making better productions.

That’s Over $300 in Value for Free

How to Get These Free Bonuses:

You MUST click this link before you purchase in order to get access to my bonuses. This link will give me a commission from each sale and it will also let me know who bought through my links.

Once the course closes, Jordan will send me a list of everyone who bought through my link above and then I’ll send you your free bonuses.

So if you’re interested



Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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