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The Importance of Making your Kick Drum In Phase With Every Microphone On Your Kit

I wanted to give you a quick tip today when it comes to recording drums and making sure you get the best kick drum sound.

In this recording here we put all the mics up where we thought they sounded best. My biggest concern for the kick drum was because I was using two microphones and I wanted to make sure they were in phase.

One mic was inside the kick drum and the other was outside and picking up a considerable amount of bleed.

After a few tries we got them to be more or less in phase with each other as you can see in the waveform.

However, they were not in phase with the rest of the kit. All the other waveforms were in phase with each other but if you

Because we didn’t want to move the  mics the kick drum was better in phase with the other mics that were also picking up the kick drum.

That’s the recording tip for today. Check your phase when you’re recording with multiple mics and try to get it as close as possible. If you have a good sound but it’s out of phase with the rest of the kit you can always flip the polarity to hopefully make it better like I did.

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