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"Every Master Starts as a Disaster"

Heard a really great quote on a podcast this morning while I was on my run:

It was:

“Every master starts as a disaster.”

Now, the podcaster was talking about creating videos online, but the same can be said of anybody who wants to become better at audio. Luke didn’t start off as Luke Skywalker the Jedi Master. He started off as Whiny Orphan Luke from PodunkTown, Tatooine.

It’s funny…when he said that quote, I didn’t think of the “master” as someone who grows from a beginner to a master.

I immediately thought, “yeah, my first masters sucked!”

And then I thought, “and maaaaan, my first mixes sucked even more!”

And then the self-doubt set in and I thought…

“….do they still….suck?”

I was so preoccupied with my imposter syndrome that I almost got hit by a car as I crossed the street.

Actually….that’s not true. I felt like my morning run story needed some drama so I made that up to catch your attention.

However, as I slowly got over my crippling self-doubt and imaginary car crash I realized that although I might not be a master, I am far from being a disaster.

And I’m sure you aren’t either!

This year I have worked with dozens of different artists from all over the world in multiple different capacities.

Whether it’s been full production work with local bands, online mixing with clients from Sweden to Australia, or live broadcast engineering on the radio, the challenges have been many.

So when your insecurities come out and you start doubting yourself, it’s always better to remind yourself of what you have done instead of worrying about things you haven’t achieved yet.

What have you done this year that you’re proud of?

If you’ve been constantly working you can always use those real experiences as a defense against your neurotic brain that constantly second-guesses itself.

These are your success indicators. They’re real symbols of your success, even if you know you haven’t achieved exactly what you’d like to accomplish.

It’s healthier to compare yourself to your past self than a perfect, future version of yourself. Your future self is a mirage until you take action in the present. If all you do is see your reflection in a negative light every day, then you won’t have the energy to take the small steps forward that make up your future success.

It’s not just the success of my one on one services that help me fend off my demons, it’s also emails from readers like yourself that keep me writing new content every day (however kooky that content sometimes becomes…).

Like Lorenzo, who recently got the EQ Strategies – The Ultimate Guide to EQ:

“Yesss, the EQ course was a wonderful experience for me to enhance my sound, my vocals and instrumentation(s). You are such a great help! Awesome lessons! Easily understood. Great breakdowns. Very effective, and highly informational. “

Whether you’d like to , or just like reading my rants every once in a while, I’m happy that you’re here.



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