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One Minute EQ Trick: Giving Your Guitars Separation and Space in the Mix

This is this week’s final One Minute EQ Trick video, this time a little trick about giving your guitars separation in the mix.

If you have a dense guitar mix where you have multiple tracks of electric guitars, acoustic guitars and lead work you might be having a hard time getting them all to sit together.

Some guitars might be masking others and you can’t get the separation you want where you can really pinpoint what each guitar is doing. It can end up sounding like a very dense, but undefined guitar mix.

A good trick then is to find a separate flattering frequency in the high mids for each guitar. Then you cut that frequency in the other tracks so that each guitar gets to “dominate” one part of the upper middle frequencies.

What you should end up with is a guitar mix that has better separation between guitars because every guitar has a specific spot they occupy mostly to themselves.

Check out the EQ trick in the video and let me know what you think.

I hadn’t planned on by commenting below.

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